Newborn Session | Nancy, Shawn, and Brayden

Welcome To The World

This is Brayden Mac (the last name will be left unknown for family's privacy.) Brayden enter this world on Thursday, May 30th, 2019 at 3:34AM, being seven pounds and three ounces.

Brayden's Mother and Father, Nancy and Sean, are beyond grateful for the creation that they have brought into the world. Sean stated that once he laid eyes on Brayden he was undeniably already in love with "the little stud"! He stated that this has changed his and Nancy's life forever. Nancy stated that she didn't think she could love Sean anymore than she already had until she saw, and is seeing, the type of father Sean has become.

You will notice in some of the photos there is a black bear, the black bear represents a love that Sean and Nancy have for the earth. Being outdoors is a second life to them and honestly the bear is pretty cute and has some strong meaning behind it. They chose the name Brayden due to wanting to have something different and not popular at all along with something simple. They came upon the name Brayden and fell in-love, they fell even more in-love when Brayden came into their life. They both cannot await the journey life carries for them as a family and for Brayden himself. However, I am sure they are hoping that time will stop every once in a while as life goes by so quickly and children grow up WAYYYY TOO FAST!

Congratulations again to Nancy, Sean, and the newest recruit Brayden, I hope life brings you happiness and is filled with joyous moments.

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