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I am SO excited that you're here to learn more about the Celeste Cannafarina Photography senior spokesmodel Class of 2021 team! I've been working hard to figure out how to make this team MORE than just a group of seniors from different high schools getting together to represent my brand. And I have - it's going to be SO MUCH MORE than that. 

Keep reading to find out if this is for you, what I can do for you, and what you can do for me. Because let's be honest, it's going to be GREAT!

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As a CCP Senior Spokesmodel you ARE THE FACE of...



The CCP senior spokesmodel team is for current juniors - Class of 2021 seniors - attending a high school in Southern Maine. There are so many exclusive perks YOU get as a spokesmodel but there are also expectations that come with it. So, keep reading so we can be sure we are on the same page! Then, all you need to do is apply!



Oh my goodness, the perks. If I was a high school senior all over again, I would be right on this because you get:

  • a meet & greet at a local cafe (drinks included!)

  • new friends from other local high schools

  • access to a private Facebook group with your new friends

  • bonus photoshoots (makeup included for spokesmodel shoot!)

  • all of the digital downloads for the photos from ALL shoots

  • cash back for referrals ($20 back for each friend that books!)

  • surprise gifts!


The perks are great but you know what's even better? Telling your friends they need the same CCP senior experience that you had! 

So, in return for those fabulous perks, you are expected to: 

  • Attend a meet & greet event in Sunday, March 29th!

  • participate in mini sessions with the full team on Sunday, May 10th!

  • Use Celeste as your only photographer during your senior year!

  • Post on social media frequently about Cannafarina Photography!

  • Book your senior session with Celeste for a total of $275 (this is the only payment or fee ever for the spokesmodels)!

  • Refer your friends to Cannafarina Photography (and earn back your session fee! **For every friend that books with CCP, you get $20 back and your friend gets $20 off their session!)



If you've read through this far, then this is FOR YOU. I am already so excited to see your application in my inbox!! This experience is loaded with perks to take your senior year to the next level with a group of new friends (including ME!).

I am SO ready to CHEER YOU ON, make you feel like a champion in your own skin, and help you feel like the QUEEN you are going into your senior year. 

GIRL, let's be friends!


I know you're ready to apply by now and you're in luck because the application is BELOW. Take your time to answer the questions so that I can see your true light shine in your answers. Use as many or as little words as you need to to do that.

When you're finished and too excited to wait any longer, HIT SUBMIT.

The spokesmodels will be chosen and announced by March 1st!

*Only 3 young woman and 3 young men will be chosen to be a part of this awesome group. But, if you apply and are not chosen this year, you will get 10% off your senior session if you book with Cannafarina Photography!*


I can tell you're ready to be a CCP senior spokesmodel and I am SO EXCITED to have you here!


Thank you SO MUCH for your interest in being a CCP Senior Spokesmodel! 

You can only apply on a PC/Computer unit. This application is not visible for mobile devices.


You can email

Thanks so much, cannot wait to capture YOU!


Do your parents know that you are apply to be in this awesome team?!

Select an option

Let's Connect!

How comfortable are you promoting Celeste Cannafarina Photography on your social media (Facebook and Instagram)? 

Select an option

Do you understand that there is a financial commitment to being a CCP senior spokesmodel but that you can earn back that $$ with referrals! *

Select an option

How ready and excited are you to be a CCP senior spokesmodel for the Class of 2021? 

Select an option

*SENIORS AND PARENTS - READ BEFORE SUBMITTING: By submitting this application, I understand that if I am chosen as a Celeste Cannafarina Photography spokesmodel, I will be required to use Celeste as my senior photographer and will contractually agree to not use any other photographers for the duration of the spokesmodel program. I also understand that this application will be reviewed by Celeste Cannafarina and is not a guaranteed acceptance into the spokesmodel program. In addition, I understand that, if chosen as a spokesmodel, I am required to pay the cost of a senior session ($275) but will have the opportunity to earn cash back through referrals.

This form is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google  Privacy Policy  and  Terms of Service  apply.

Okay, it's time to apply, so let's start with the basics!!

Okay, now for the fun stuff! Tell me as much as you can so I can get to know the wonderful person you are!! 


I am only choosing 4-6 High School Seniors!

You are SO close! We are almost finished, just a couple more questions on what makes you YOU and why YOU want to be apart if this TEAM!

YEAH! You finished the application! Double check that all your answers show the true YOU, that everything you want to say is there, and hit "SEND." I'll be smiling on the other end when I see your name pop up in my inbox!!

Class of 2021 - you are my people...


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